She sits in silence

Tries to keep me inside

But it shows in her shaking hands

And the scared look in her eyes

Doesn’t want me to come out

In fear that she’ll explode

But I come out and show my face

I’m all around like smoke

I fill the air with fear

She can’t breathe fast enough

In and out, she sucks me in

Then depletes her lungs

I can’t walk, I don’t have feet

But I am in her bones

Push her any way I want

Her thoughts become my own

I take over and take in

Everything she sees

I’ll twist and change it every way

So she can’t even think

When she starts to start anew

I stop right in her way

She can’t move when I’m around

So in a box she’ll stay

I love it when she cannot move

I like to see her cry

Turning light into madness

Is how I pass my time

She tries to stop me and calm down

Breathe in and count to four

But two can play at that game

I’ll take her up some more

There’s no way that she can stop

When I am in the lead

So watch out world, here comes the freak

Who has become just me


Author: notmydisabilities

Thank you for stumbling onto my blog. My goal for this blog is to share my experiences and try to help others . I love to spread the word and advocate. Join in!

2 thoughts on “Anxiety”

  1. Ah,
    The beast that feeds itself,
    Ever devouring to fill its void –
    I remember that touch,
    The stain on my dreams
    As my head lay on the pillow.
    What terror!
    I remember when i resigned,
    I quit.
    I don’t remember
    How i ever got away.

    Liked by 1 person

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