Hitchhike to Heaven

It wasn’t my decision

For me to hurt my soul

You have a huge obsession

With watching me break bones


Aching feet cracked in half

By the hands of a creator

Raising me up with the staff

To stop me from going deeper


Stop pushing me in farthur

I push until I bleed

My brain shows I’m a carver

I’m why it’s called Red Sea


It parts for them to walk through

The waves crash down on me

I try, but the salt blocks my view

Stings like an angry bee


The pharaoh and I are the same

We both have done things wrong

“Go back to start” inside life’s game

A sour note in a song


The horses are stuck in the sand

That’s turned more into mud

We sink into the devil’s hand

After the cleansing flood


Manna falls from up above

For the people who passed by

We’re left with carcasses and dust

To eat before we die


I’m one of the survivors

But maybe not for long

God might be my witness

His eyes are staring on


The pharaoh and his horses

Have become my men

As I walk along the courses

While I try to mend


Heaven is my next stop

The staircase will not reach

The highway is blocked off

Guess Heaven’s not for me


I’ll sit here with my thumb out

Waiting for a sign

I look above and I shout

Nobody will read mine


To become an angel

I will have to hitchhike

It looks like from this angle

Tonight won’t be the night



Author: notmydisabilities

Thank you for stumbling onto my blog. My goal for this blog is to share my experiences and try to help others . I love to spread the word and advocate. Join in!

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