Stars In My Eyes


I’m waiting

For the sun to go down

So you can see the stars in my eyes


For once the shadows behind my lids

Have dispersed and

Bright lights shine like a happy memory


It’s hard to remember the last time

A thought twinkled enough

To be seen


Sometimes the otherside

Of my memory steals

The lights and blows out the candles


Today though

The whisper of sunshine

Takes over the stars


At my darkest times long ago

The stars would come

From lightyears away, already burnt out


Now, the sun is the brightest

At day and night

You can see the fire within


I know I will burn out

Sometime when I am not expecting it

But there will always be someone to ignite


The stars and the sunshine

Will always be within me

As long as someone holds the matches


That someone

Will sometimes have to be



Author: notmydisabilities

Thank you for stumbling onto my blog. My goal for this blog is to share my experiences and try to help others . I love to spread the word and advocate. Join in!

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