Radio Station

Push me up against the wall

I’m already shoved enough

My face is black and blue

From numbness

And distress


My heart is through

Of knowing about you


Tell me that I’m number one

Then go on to just you having fun

I’m sick of this situation

I’ve decided that I am done

This is no longer your nation

I’m here to cut off your favorite song

I’m turning off your radio station


I might as well explode

Into bits of broken trust

You tried to break me

But I’ve been stitching up

This has been more than enough


My heart is done

My friendship went from you to none


Tell me that I’m number one

Then go on to just you having fun

I’m sick of this situation

I’ve decided that I am done

This is no longer your nation

I’m here to cut off your favorite song

I’m turning off your radio station


My stereo won’t speak your name

The TV won’t showcase your game

Your phone calls will not go through

Now no one else can get hurt by you


Tell me that I’m number one

Then go on to just you having fun

I’m sick of this situation

I’ve decided that I am done

This is no longer your nation

I’m here to cut off your favorite song

I’m turning off your radio station


I’m turning off your radio station

You’re ready for permanent vacation

I hope you find it good and well

Have fun burning up in Hell


We’ll Make It To The Otherside

Truth is nothing more

But words strung together

When the world is ever changing

I am ever changing

Between fear and dreams I can’t fathom


Lies are words stacked on top

Of one another

Trying to build up

So it can fall down when we pull

Out a piece

Trying to decide what is real

What is fake

What is unworthy of being acknowledged

It seems nothing is


Honesty flies like a bumble bee

But stings like a wasp

It is out in the open until

It is pushed upon someone

Making a foreign object part of you

Until you pull it out and

Let yourself breathe


Hate is a surgeon

Making an incision into a


Watching the blood flow out

Waiting for an artificial pump

Coming from an artificial room

Filled with artificial people


Love is the end of the line

You have to earn it sometimes

Sometimes it comes easily

From a family, a friend,

A book, a person trapped behind a screen

We find our head spinning

Searching for youth

Where we were loved by at least

A character in a beloved novel


Truth is the death of me

Lies feel good until they fall through

Honesty hits you like a rock skipping across a lake

Hate fills you with rushing blood in veins

Love is beauty of creation, beauty of acceptance


We all feel these

We all survive through them all

We all make it to the otherside


No One Will Be Defined

Lovely bones

Fixed with ugly casts

As lovely people

Come with ugly pasts


We come from beauty

Like the outcasts before

Beauty overlooked

When we’re being ignored


We try to raise our voices

While they try to kill our sound

We are not all radios

You can’t turn the volume down


We build our stage back up again

Where we aim for support

We advocate and love each other

While they still try to distort


Our words say what we mean

They can’t unplug our vocal chords

We yell out our story to the crowd

One money can’t afford


We scream it for the world

To hear each word we speak

To teach them how to join in

They won’t hide, but they will seek


Each one of us is fighting

Some we never would have thought

Then we stand up and tell them

It is time that we all fought


For some this is a battle

And the war is on it’s way

Some of our wars are over

And each battle’s stuck on replay


We’ll fight and give thanks

To those who stand behind

We will praise each person

No one will be defined

Love Is Not a Construction

Tell all her friends and family

There’s no reason to worry about me

She doesn’t need your support or help

She just needs back her mental health


Yes, she might need you along the way

There is no reason for you to say

“We love you, those feeling will never lack”

She just wants the burden you carry to  crack


Love is a construct and hate is alive

The movies were fake,  no way she’d survive

The world is a movie with actors inspired

Ready to star in a life that expired


 While love is a candle slowly burning its  wick

Her hate was a fire made by rubbing  sticks

All she could do was lie about them

The family that wanted to let her in


She realized her hate had grown into real love

The tree of life had her name scratched on it’s trunk

Love is now truth, not a social construction

She lives a life full and chose no more destruction



The war between you and your mind

Becomes a war between you and the world

Water pours, but so does blood

Gunshots hurt, but so do words

Telling yourself that you are something

Doesn’t work

Because they tell you that you are trash

Sure, someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure

But there is nobody in the world

That can make you feel that yourself

You trip, you fall

Broken legs mean nothing

When you have a broken mind

A broken heart

A broken life

Everything hurts when your brain

Wants you dead

Pain comes out as tears

Tears come out as bloodshot eyes

Bloodshot eyes become your signature look

No matter how many layers of clothing you have on

You are naked

Exposed to the wind filled with

Debris mixed with hatred

Leaves with veins that let out


Nobody cares when the air

Blows your hair

And you can’t seem to let go

Of everything holding you down

It keeps you in place

When you want the wind to

push you forward

But you are stuck

You were wrong

It could get worse


I am happy. First of all, I finally own every original song by Pierce The Veil which is pretty great. I got the song Kissing In Cars, which is the bonus track to Selfish Machines, their second album. It is beautiful and probably one of my favorite PTV songs. I have included the song at the bottom of the post for you to hear. Another reason that today is good is because the first day of the last week before Christmas vacation is done. Christmas is going to be great. It will be my last one before I go to college. Tat is exciting, as I look into career options.

This poem is about rising above your haters. It might seem a bit rude, but it is about standing up for yourself and not letting them get you down. I like it because it is sort of funny, if I do say so myself. Anyway, this is “Hot”.

Come one come all

Come meet me where the devil crawls

I’m not the one you came to see

That’s you, YEAH YOU, not close to me

There is no way I’d be here

I’d cry, but you’re not worth the tears

I’d never fight, won’t stoop that low

But now it’s time for a new show

Where I am me, and you aren’t you

You won’t tell me what to do


You want sweaters?

I’ve got twelve

Wait, you don’t need them

You’re in hell

The fire eats you

Burns you alive

Makes you wish

You already died

You dance with the devil like he’s your friend

But he won’t be there till the end

I was here from day one

And now I’ve stayed here till you’re done

I’m over you, you’re through with the world

Now you’re down where the flames swirl

They spin around and spit you out

But you won’t be a flower sprout

When you come back, you’ll be the dirt

Then you’ll see what it’s like to hurt


You want blankets?

I’ve got tons

Wait you don’t need them

Too close to the sun

So far away

Yet it’s right there

Searing your skin

And singeing your hair


Come one, come all

Come meet me where the angels fall

They come here when they fall from grace

I go there when I see your face

Stuck in this place where I can’t see

It is dark when you take over me

When you’re around, I can’t think

So take a look around before you blink

‘Cause when you do, I will be gone

I’ll climb above before too long


You want jackets?

I’ve got lots

Wait you don’t need them

It’s too hot

You’ll be down there

When the world ends

Live your torture

Over again


You dance on coal, like it’s freezing

It burns your feet, but it’s teasing

Tells you that you are fine

But really, that fate is just mine

So watch out for me when I go

I’ll be there just to say “Hello”

Then up above I will rise

Until I’m not seen in naked eyes

I’ll be better than you ever were

I’m great, you’re not, and that’s the word


I love this poem. The first stanza came from when I was bored. I thought of the lines, but couldn’t figure where to place it. These words came to me all of a sudden, and, unlike in the poem, flowed out of me. Here is “Words”.

Rain falling


Like the ink of a pen

That needs refilling


Covers everything

That needs to be said

But the words have run dry

The conversation is dead


The elephant

Fills the entire room

Doesn’t leave enough air

Only impending doom


Strangles those wanting

To let words out

But the big, hulking spider

Went up the waterspout


Nothing with meaning

is left for anyone to say

te hot air coming in

And the debt no one wants to pay


Hatred coats tongues

Along with fire and despair

The debate seems to have ended

Has no hope of going anywhere


Let the people talk

Let the words flow

If you start with one sound

You might reap what you sow