Ink turns to blood into tears

Days turn to months into years

Time trickles by down the kitchen sink

Taking away opportunities to think

Our brain cells drift apart carelessly

Keeping us dreaming endlessly

Our thoughts are an ocean waving goodbye

The rainclouds keep getting pushed aside

No tears are allowed at this funeral

My body is dead but my mind is eternal

Don’t forget about me as clocks tick tock

It’s just my heart beating along and along

Years turn to months into days

I guess each second is one thrown away

I’ll climb from my grave into the grass

While the heavenly band turns up the brass

The trumpets will welcome me up above

I will always be one to love

Let me go and let me free

It is my turn to actually be






When the wind picks up

And the rain hits the ground

A flood up to your ankles

Weights dragging you down


When the lights flickers black

And the candle is blown out

No one can hear you

No matter how loud you shout


I’ll be your helium

Lift you up to the sky

I’ll bring you to the safe land

So you can say goodbye


Goodbye to your past

Goodbye to the hate

Goodbye to the promises

Others seemed to make


You’re a cloudy cup of water

I’ll make you brand new

But the one you need to follow

Is the light inside of you


You’re powerful enough

To life the boulder off

I’ll be there to help

There’s no need to stop


Don’t let go of the handle

Keep the pedals fast

I’ll hold on until you can

Go riding down a path


The path on your way to freedom

Where I’ll be by your side

You’ll be able to keep going

You’ll keep your faith alive


Go on down

The golden road

I’ll meet you at the other end

But you’ll get there on your own

Special Olympics Are More Than Special

I have written about my first day of “coaching” volleyball with the Special Olympics here. Now we have had several practices under our belt and it is getting better every Sunday.

I am no athlete. The athletes I am working with are by far better than me. I don’t feel embarrassed about it, though.

Today, we were working on setting, bumping and serving. I have never been good at any of those, so I am learning along with the athletes. WE all cheer for each other every attempt we make. I cheer for them, and they cheer for me. It’s give and take, which is a beautiful sight to see after all of the nonsense in the world outside of the gym.

We practiced hitting it over the next. I actually made it over. I served (standing way up towards the net) and bumped pretty well. It was fun, and I feel like I am actually learning how to play.

Learning the sport is fun, but the company is better. I don’t just look forward to playing. I look forward the the people I am playing with. Between having one of the athletes point out his JMU gear every Sunday, and being so proud about it, or having one of the players tell me that I should write a book of poetry so everybody will tell me how good I am, even if I don’t think I’m good, I’d say these are some of the best people ever.

I love watching the players learn as we clap and cheer along with them. High-fives are spread freely. Smiles are on all faces. Support is everywhere you look.

From stretching to saying goodbye, you never know what is going to happen. There might be a ball getting stuck in the stands and everybody rushing to get it. We might have a big laugh when someone says something funny.

We are not coaches and athletes. We are a team.Nobody is more important than the other, and we are all working together to be the best we can be.

Their needs aren’t the only thing special about them. In fact, it doesn’t even come into play when we are on the court. We are all one, and we have all won, even if we haven’t had a tournament yet. I am so proud to be a part of the Special Olympics team, both as a coach and a person learning how to play.

BrickFest- A Day For The Books

Yesterday is a day to remember forever. I went to where my people should be. My family and I attended BrickFest.

BrickFest is a LEGO lover’s convention. If you enjoy building plastic blocks, this was the place for you.

I had read awful reviews about the fest and was a little worried at first. What if it was going to be terrible and we spent money and two hours in the car to get to it? Then I read a review from an adult LEGO fan, who absolutely loved it. The other reviews were from parents who couldn’t care less about the activities. I was stoked after I read the adult’s review

We left home at around 12:30 pm to get to the convention center, and got there around 2:15pm. It was the longest nearly two hour trip I’ve had recently. I couldn’t wait. My parents, my sister, and I arrived and went into the center to start our fun.

The first thing we did (besides buying drinks) was go to one of the vendors. They had all sorts of little figures, called minifigures. They had ones from all sorts of pop culture, such as superheroes. They also had a create your own minifigure station that my sister did and bags of random LEGOs that my sister and I each got one of.

After that we looked at the exhibits. One was a Darth Vader mosaic that must have taken a lot of work to do. We also saw Woody from Toy Story, a castle and boat, and several other mosaics.


We built our own creation at one part where they had every kind of LEGO you could imagine. There was also wall to decorate however we wanted. Both sparked our creativity.


We looked at some more vendors. I got a Zurg from Toy Story building kit and two minifigures. One was a little piggy fan. I love pigs, and my grandparents are always giving me piggy items I also got a Hagrid from Harry Potter and a tractor set.


My favorite part of the day was next. We built cars out of LEGOs, and raced other people. We had five minutes to build a car and then they rolled down a track. MY dad and I worked together, while my mom and sister worked together.  Me and my dad’s car got in third place out of fifth, mom and sister’s car derailed and didn’t make it down the track. It was all great fun.


We made one last stop at a vendor and bought a two minifigures each for me and my sister. After that, we were all tired and decided to leave. We had spent about two hours there.


On our way home, we stopped at Red Robin for burgers and milkshakes. They were delicious.
I’d say that this ranks up to one of my best days ever, behind all the days at Disney World. I got to hang out with my family surrounded by something I love. I even got my sister into LEGOs. I had a great time, and hope to go to another convention someday.

All Because Of You

We mourn the remembrance

Of those we’ve left behind

Our memories, tainted by

The hurt they inflicted on our dreams

Sucking them into an inferno  

Changing them into terrors of the dark

We left for good reason

Our hearts still ache

All we have is nothing

They stole our sanity

Pulled it down a concrete path

Scraping up our pleasant thoughts

All that is left is them and their mind tricks

Telling us fake facts

That we are worthless

Without them

We are useless

No one wants us

I’d rather drink a vase of cyanide

Than relive the times you pushed me down

I let you

I let you drag me down the road to breakdowns

Breakdown I did

All because of you

My Favorite Friend

Brush the dust off your patched jeans

Come along, dive in with me

The ocean looks like it’s too deep

But we’ll touch the sea shelled floor   


Falling head over heels

We’ll take off our training wheels

My heart is yours to steal

And I’ll keep yours forever more


Open up the unlocked door


Let me enter your daydreams

You endlessly jump into mine

This trampoline bounces too high

But I’m not coming down

I’m ready to touch the clouds

You make me feel alive again

My first in line, my favorite friend

I’ll bend over backwards for you


Treehouse mates and dinner plates

Broken glass and writing slates

Writing notes until it’s late

Then the floor caves in


We float looking at the ground

The whole world has turned upside down

Gravity gave up its crown

Asking “Where have you been?”


“We’ve been caught up in the wind”


Let me enter your daydreams

You endlessly jump into mine

This trampoline bounces too high

But I’m not coming down

I’m ready to touch the clouds

You make me feel alive again

My first in line, my favorite friend


We’ll stay up and we’ll go low

When we stop, no one will know

No even us, no where to go


Let me enter your daydreams

You endlessly jump into mine

This trampoline bounces too high

But I’m not coming down

I’m ready to touch the clouds

You make me feel alive again

My first in line, my favorite friend

Our Stories

If you hate yourself, I understand. I too feel the pain inside, every day, eating away at my heart. Telling me I’m not worth it. Sometimes “it” is just not feeling worthy of waking up and living life. Other days, “it” means I don’t feel worthy of living.


If you feel out of control, I understand. I’ve been in your shoes, feeling like a hurricane is inside, mixing with a tornado spinning my life around. The I  add a blizzard into the mix, weighing me down until I feel like I can’t handle life anymore, can’t handle anything.


If you feel worthless, I understand. I know what that is like. Nobody can tell me I am worthy of anything, even if I drew the best drawing, or wrote the best essay. I feel like nothing. I feel like people hate me and I don’t deserve friendships or a loving family.


If you feel helpless, I understand. I have felt like I am all alone, even if I have people trying their hardest to break down my walls. It feels like I am drowning, and the only person who can help is myself, and I can’t bring myself to do it.


So yes, I understand. I also don’t understand. We are all different. Different paths, different stories, different lives. You know what is the same about all those lives? They all deserve to be lived to the fullest. We all have potential to be better, to get better It is work, and all of our life’s books have different chapters and extremely different pages. Let your pages be the most interesting story anyone has ever read. You deserve to be read, heard, and a happy, fulfilled life.