Bags of Pills

Bottles of chemicals

Created by science

Containers of colors

Each time, an identity crisis


Orange with a white label

Keeps us from confusing

White explains the use

Orange keeps us using


Canister with tablets

Eat them up until we spill

Too many now won’t be safe

Lick the candy that can kill


Capsules filled with cyanide

Just the prescription ol’ doc wrote

Feel like dying as we swallow

Murdering my throat


Watch out for the Side Effects

I hear they are a little rowdy,

Don’t let them in your bloodstream

Your brain will get cloudy


We do need our drugs

They help us get through life

They might not be fun to take

Sometimes, doctors are right.


Sunday through Saturday

Our precious box get filled

When they are empty

Look to our bags of pills



Hard To Swallow

These pills are my personal pills. I moved them around so no one can see the information., but I think that many of you have a shelf for pills. You all are the strongest, bravest people I know.


Everybody has a story

Some in a box made of maple

Some in a locket resting on a chest

Mine is found on each prescription label


Each bottle holds my life

Red, white, blue, pink

My story is written

When the colors turn to ink


Writing instructions

Sealing envelopes to send

Up the escalator of veins

Enter the editor’s den


There they decide each pill’s position

Neurotransmitter’s delight

Serotonin or dopamine

Which ones will win the fight


Some put up barriers

Some accept only what it can take

Some won’t help at all

With side effects and the choice to partake


One week later, I’m back to the bottles

Filling the week with drugs and doubt

Once again, my story will begin

With the labels spelling it out


The story is not hard to read

It’s spelled out on prescriptions

Bottles, labels, and papers from endless doctors

My story is one of  non-fiction


When you wish your story was fiction

It sticks right by your side

It’s honest and a bit hard to swallow

So are our pills, but we take them to survive

Dancing With Satan


Pill after pill

Take one

It’s wrong

Take a second

It’s wrong

Take a third

It is still freaking wrong!

How many pills

can I take until

I explode

Get filled with chemicals

What if they react?

I’ll boom

I’ll crash

I’ll burn in hell


Got a new one today

We’ll see

maybe it can stop this

purgatory I’m in


Maybe purgatory is the

wrong word

I’m in heaven

but I’m dancing with


He smiles at me

says that it will

never get better

We foxtrot around

the golden city

until the pills kick in


More pills

Give me more

That’s all they do

change this

add that

take that away

Satan would be

proud of me

I’m giving in

to the seductive neurotransmitters

I should be in the second

level of hell

if I’m going to lust after

all theses medicines


Maybe they’ll get

the right ones

Maybe they won’t

Whatever they do

I’ll still be dancing

whether it be with Satan

or myself


Pills make me well

But they make me sick

they keep me out of hell

but I’m not in up above

They weigh you down

make you feel like a slug

they change who you are

make you someone else

a person from mars

they make you alive

but make you feel dead

until they work, then you’re fine

too many combinations

when you’re on the wrong one

you’re an abomination

the chemicals make you

like you have changed

like you are brand new

pills make me well

but for now

I can’t tell


One pill to fix the memories

One pill to forget

One pill to reduce the pain

I made in my own head

One pill to erase the fears

One pill to delete

All the things that keep me up

So maybe I can sleep

One pill to push the feelings down

One pill to blur the day

One pill to unhear the sounds

One keeps the ghosts away

One pill to ease anxiety

One pill to ground my feet

I take the drugs to make me who

I am supposed to be


I haven’t posted in a couple days, but for good reasons. I have been busy, but one thing stands out. Writing about music is what I want to do, and I stumbled upon a website called Mind Equals Blown. They are a music website that I absolutely fell in love with the first time I visited. I have stalked it the last couple of days, and found out that they take applications for writers. The cool thing about this is that they accept high school students, which is pretty awesome. Here’s to hoping I get the position.

This poem is about the endless meds I have to take. I started writing it a while ago, but finished it yesterday. Here is “Pills”.

Pill after pill after pill

Making me better each day

It’s strange to think that chemicals

Change the wiring in my brain


The chemicals are what is wrong

The meds just add some more

Different, healthier ones

Some keep others from entering the door


It doesn’t make much since

I don’t see how it works

How one little tablet can

Change my entire world


If I quit swallowing them

My mood will swallow me

They keep me on the boat

Not drowning in the sea


Don’t like them, but I must

Take them every single day

If I want to act alive

And keep the pain away