The Bill

As the wind turns to a hurricane

The storm spins faster in my brain

Chaos mixes with insane

Deep cuts turn into the deepest pain


My heart is hit with rocks of hail

Can’t fill the hole with just one pail

I need to go and raise the sail

To leave behind all the junk mail


Rip one envelope to see

The bill telling the price of me

It costs too much for me to be

The melody and the harmony


The music of ice landing on my skin

Melting to show the fire that roars within

The notes hit my body like a violin

I’m doing all it will take to win


Give me my money and I’ll give you gold

If you treat me gently, I’ll do what I’m told

But I will no longer let my blood turn cold

I’ll be my own person, I will not be sold


I Touched The Sky

I touched the sky

Not long ago

I watched it cry

As tears fell below

The clouds were kind

Until they changed

Into my mind

All over gray

The sun was high

Too far to reach

I could not find

The fiery peach

It’s pit was mine

Inside my heart

It grew each time

I fell apart

Love shines bright

But hate glows more

A black of night

With hurt in store

I’d rather burn

The candle of fear

So it will mourn

And melt in tears

I’ll grab a net

And catch the hope

It will be wet

Paint drying slow

Someday I’ll find

Armour of gold

To wrap my mind

Safe from the cold

I’ll get a net

Fish in the sky

I’ll catch what yet

Was to be mine

The fire will scar

Me with my name

For now, here we are

And will never be the same