We might look weak

Our insides might hurt

Rocks in our stomach

Our heads  in the dirt


We might have thought things

Were better than they were

Even when we struggle

We are still  hardcore


Every tear is stress falling

Panic attacks teach us to slow

Our breath will calm down

When all is out of control


Our screams coming out

Are less pain and more help

We support those who struggle

While still caring for ourselves


Marks on our bodies

Fade away with time

Turn from red slashed

Into colorless lines


Trauma still hides

Then it pops out a bud

Proving our innocence

We’ve always had inside of us


Our stomachs were empty

They might still be

We are working on us

So we’ll be healthy


We fight against stigma

Battle for our rights

Stand up against haters

Shared what popped into our minds


We will  might never be number one

But we won’t be zeroes

Our power is to heal

We are our own superheroes



No One Will Be Defined

Lovely bones

Fixed with ugly casts

As lovely people

Come with ugly pasts


We come from beauty

Like the outcasts before

Beauty overlooked

When we’re being ignored


We try to raise our voices

While they try to kill our sound

We are not all radios

You can’t turn the volume down


We build our stage back up again

Where we aim for support

We advocate and love each other

While they still try to distort


Our words say what we mean

They can’t unplug our vocal chords

We yell out our story to the crowd

One money can’t afford


We scream it for the world

To hear each word we speak

To teach them how to join in

They won’t hide, but they will seek


Each one of us is fighting

Some we never would have thought

Then we stand up and tell them

It is time that we all fought


For some this is a battle

And the war is on it’s way

Some of our wars are over

And each battle’s stuck on replay


We’ll fight and give thanks

To those who stand behind

We will praise each person

No one will be defined

I Have Asperger’s: Do’s and Don’ts of Reponding

People on the spectrum are often victims of stigma.  Those with Asperger’s are even less known about. Our disorder is more invisible. Conversation might be hard, but with help the problem could go away.


When we tell others that we have Asperger’s, the person might not know what to say or do. Below are 10 things to do when you are confided in, and 10 things NOT to do.



  1. Thank them for telling you
  2. If you don’t understand what Asperger’s is, ASK! Most of us want you to know more
  3. Ask us if there is anything you can do to help
  4. Be a good listener. It is hard enough to talk about it. The least you can do is listen
  5. Let them know if they are too loud. It  gives us a chance to evaluate ourselves
  6. Check in on the person if you don’t think they are listening. For example “ Are you with me?”
  7. Help them when they need it, but only if you know how. Some might not want you to touch them, while a big hug can help others
  8. Know what their triggers are. Schedule changes, sensory issues, a big crowd of people, and so on…
  9. Let us know when we are being inappropriate for the place we are at,, and try to calmly to stop us.
  10. Try to understand, at least a little bit. You will never understand as fully as we do. That is because you do not have it. It is okay to be confused, but try to least educate yourself.

Now for the Don’t side



  1. Make us feel like less of a person, because we are different. We are ALL different.
  2. Treat us like we are children. People sometimes think we need help when we don’t
  3. Try to relate to us on an Asperger’s level, unless you actually have Asperger’s. Just relate to us as what we both are, a person
  4. Make  a person go to a party or another social event unless are willing.
  5. Assume you know what  Asperger’s is, when you actually have no idea. If you don’t want to ask to person, read up on it!
  6. Force them to make eye contact. It will come on it’s own with help.
  7. Listen to stereotypes and think that all of us do them. Totally wrong. We all have different symptoms from time to time to time and nobody with Asperger’s is the same as another.
  8. Act like you are our friends when you really just want to make them feel bad. Many of us easily trust too quickly. Don’t be over the top nice unless you actually intend for us to be friends
  9. Expect us to be really good at math or science. Just because we have Asperger’s doesn’t mean we are super smart.  Some of us are excellent at history, music, English, and many more. We are smart in our own way, but  we are not all geniuses
  10. Ever, ever, EVER make us feel like a burden. Yes, we might have our difficulties and differences , but we are not someone you can just say goodbye to because we aren’t normal. There is no such thing as normal. We have Asperger’s. You can’t just leave because you don’t want to deal with it.


One more Don’t:


Don’t go away after reading this, and not use the tips. As a person with Asperger’s I know how tough it can be when people don’t understand.


And a Do to balance out the Don’t,


Do try to end the stigma surrounding  autism and Asperger’s. Let people know that you or care about a person with either autism or Asperger’s. Share your stories, pictures, and videos that help shut down stigma.


We are all different, yet we are the same.

After last night I HAD to fine a DMB song.

Dave Matthews Band- Why I Am


People Tortured Stop Denying


A term for over

A word for done

A mix of letters

that put my head against the gun



We remember it now

We’ll remember it always

The past ain’t the past

When you live it each day



Break trust in our sanity

Lose faith in most everything

Trust never seems to come

When I fall down the mountain side

Our brains won’t lock it out

Our eyes see things you don’t

Our body’s are on overdrive

We fight all day to win the night



People still think we’re crazy    

Tortured, but no one can see.

Stop, we beg, as we blame ourselves

Denying we are in need of help

Want To Fight Stigma? Read This

The television is on, and there is an interview on. I wasn’t really paying attention until I heard it. The sound of uneducated chitter chatter, also known as misusage of a mental illnesses, In this case. the interviewee , stated that she was “a little OCD” about how her kitchen was set up.
Last time I addressed this problem, I only discussed the misuse of bipolar, but there are several other mental illnesses that are stigmatized as well.
The one you probably hear the most is OCD. It seems like every third person you talk to says “I’m a little OCD”. Others say that they have CDO, because it’s “in order”. I doubt that half of these people don’t have or understand OCD. It’s probably more than half, as I’ve never heard a person who truly has OCD say that.
Depression and depressed are used in the wrong way more times than not. When people are just a little or even really sad. they say that they are depressed. Depression is a serious mental illness that doesn’t describe “sad’. There are different levels of depression:
1. Situational depression- This is what you feel when something sad happens to you. It normally goes away once the situation has settled down.
2.) Clinical depression- This is depression that is diagnosed by a psychiatrist after 2 weeks of symptoms. These symptoms include insomnia, weight changes, excessive crying, and thoughts of suicide.
If you do not have either of these, don’t call yourself depressed when you are just sad.
Schizophrenia is way too commonly used as an insult toward oneself or others. You even hear a certain presidential candidate, the people that are trying to run our country, using schizophrenia In the wrong way. It hurts me to say this, but even a twenty one pilots song uses it on the wrong way (I’m semiautomatic, my prayer’s are schizophrenic ) One of the reasons I try not to listen to that song People confuse dissociative identity disorder (previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder) with schizophrenia. They are not the same thing. Schizophrenia is a disorder that leads to unorganized thoughts and psychotic symptoms. DID consists of a person having several different personalities that they cycle through.
What is the reason for all of these misconceptions and misuses? Stigma! If we break down the stigma and help people really understand our illnesses It’s not all on us as people who have these disorders. It is the responsibility of the general public to ask questions (appropriate ones), do their research, and listen to what they are saying. Everybody needs to team up on this one. Stigma won’t go away without mine, yours, and everybody else’s hard work. Break down the walls that hide the mentally ill and let them see some sunshine. Let them know that they are more than just their shadows.

ADHD: Born In Too Many Colors

She was 3 when it started.

“I was always distracted and could never carry on a conversation  because i would change the subject every 3 sentences”

Isabel went on to get diagnosed with ADHD. 11% of children aged 4-17 are diagnosed with ADHD( So why is is so stigmatized?

People with ADHD are often thought of as “wild” or “unmanageable”. They are looked down upon because they are different.

It is difficult for kids with ADHD to focus. This makes school tough for them. It is also tough on them because of bullying and having a hard time making friends.

Isabel was “Always distracted even though i had no friends because i was always bullied for my ADHD i was always finding a way not to pay attention”

Making friends is hard for everyone, but for a child with ADHD, it is even harder. They are bullied for being “hyper”, and are not looked at as if they are a person, just like them.

Many people think that ADHD is just being hyper. While hyperactivity is a big part of it, there is much more to it. It also includes inattention and impulsivity.


Isabel has the perfect way to describe ADHD-


“ADHD:Born with too many colors for this black and white world”


While some people with ADHD think of it as a burden, Blu has some things to say about that:


“You are not your illness
You have and individual story to tell.
You have a name”


ADHD does not make you any less of a person. You still do the same things, and live the same way as everyone else, maybe just a little more hyperactive, inattentive, and impulsive. For Isabel , she says “I draw and color in adult coloring books”  How many of you all like to do that? I bet a lot.

I am not saying that people with ADHD are like everyone else. They have their own personalities. Each one is different, in their own special way.

People make fun of ADHD a lot. Calling themselves it when they can’t focus one time. ADHD is a real disorder with real people living with it. They do not deserve the stigma put on them.


We all need to say things to our past selves. What would Blu say? He says “Don’t take it personal”

That is good advice. There is no reason to take anything said to you personal. It is the person who is at fault, for making fun of you.

When asked if there was anything else she wanted to say to people with ADHD, she said “love you fam I guess”. Good to see her sharing his love for the community she belongs to.

Isabel is an inspiration to all, as are all of the ADHD community. Be patient with them. Be gentle. Be kind. Be like you would be to anybody else.





You Chose It: Sick Not Weak

This is just an update:

The results are in! We will be having a fundraiser for Sick Not Weak, found at . This is super exciting for several reasons! They are a new organization. Their website isn’t even set up all the way yet! It will be on March 10th. I will speak more about this after I get some more information about how to fundraise for them. Thank you to my Twitter followers for voting and bearing with all my cheesy and annoying tweets and DMs. Look here for more information.