Murky Sky

I almost

Fell of the edge of the world

Hoping the universe will

Call me home

I’ll waltz among

The stars

Tango with the meteors

Get drawn in by a

It feels like I am

Stuck here



Trying to clutch onto

The nothingness

All I see is the movie reel

Of my life

Swirling in my head

As I swirl around in the

Blank abyss



I reach for hope

And I find it

A way out

An entrance back to

The place I call home

It might not be on stable ground

But I am finding my way through the

Murky sky

Waiting for strength to be

Held down by



Stars In My Eyes


I’m waiting

For the sun to go down

So you can see the stars in my eyes


For once the shadows behind my lids

Have dispersed and

Bright lights shine like a happy memory


It’s hard to remember the last time

A thought twinkled enough

To be seen


Sometimes the otherside

Of my memory steals

The lights and blows out the candles


Today though

The whisper of sunshine

Takes over the stars


At my darkest times long ago

The stars would come

From lightyears away, already burnt out


Now, the sun is the brightest

At day and night

You can see the fire within


I know I will burn out

Sometime when I am not expecting it

But there will always be someone to ignite


The stars and the sunshine

Will always be within me

As long as someone holds the matches


That someone

Will sometimes have to be


The Bill

As the wind turns to a hurricane

The storm spins faster in my brain

Chaos mixes with insane

Deep cuts turn into the deepest pain


My heart is hit with rocks of hail

Can’t fill the hole with just one pail

I need to go and raise the sail

To leave behind all the junk mail


Rip one envelope to see

The bill telling the price of me

It costs too much for me to be

The melody and the harmony


The music of ice landing on my skin

Melting to show the fire that roars within

The notes hit my body like a violin

I’m doing all it will take to win


Give me my money and I’ll give you gold

If you treat me gently, I’ll do what I’m told

But I will no longer let my blood turn cold

I’ll be my own person, I will not be sold


Three hundred sixty five days

One hundred eighty degree turn

So much difference as time moves forward

So many bridges I’ve already burned


I’ve walked down the path and into the fire

Where I melted to the floor

Now I rebuild, like a 2.0

Stronger than before


Before smiles had to be sewn on
Then I pulled the stitches out

Now I am free to feel what I please

And show it with my mouth


I’ve gone across the ocean

With storms and angry waves

Without the lightning, my life wouldn’t shine

Now I’m here today


I didn’t think I’d make it

But I’m standing straight and tall

Through the highway, I came from Hell

I’ve made it through it all

Colors of the Sky

I might fall down

Just might get hurt

But I will not

Let this fire burn

Me to a crisp

Have nothing left

Than rotten bones

That broke while I slept

I reach up

To grab something new

All I can grasp

Is what make the sky blue

I turn the sky black

Covered with depression

And ash

No more sunsets

Nothing to view

It matches my weary eyes

Exactly to the hue


I will not surrender

I’ll ke the sun rise

I  will not back down

Until I’m ruler of the sky

My eyes will gain color

My life will grow strong

My bones will be built

I’ll learn right from wrong

My burns will be covered

With a new patch of skin

I will not let this happen

Ever again

A New Heart

It tangles up my mind

A shadow overcomes

I can’t see

I can’t hear

I can’t think

Everywhere I look

Is another obstacle

For me to climb over

Instead I get stuck underneath

Can’t climb up to staggered edge

That pierces my hands

Blood stains the rock

Leaving behind my dignity

I try to make it up

But I get caught in the fog

My brain feels like

It is somewhere in between

Heaven and hell

I guess it’s the Earth

And I never belonged

So I don’t know what the

Atmosphere is like

I’ll get used to it

With deep breaths

And a new heart

Ready to join

Where I am supposed to be

I’ll Swim On

Nobody knows

the rush of the river

over my heart

and down my face

drowning me as each ripple

tries to break my pieces

into pebbles

then into molecules

no one can see

except for me

I wish I wasn’t the only one

all I see are imperfections

when others see

they lie

the truth is hidden

they say that I look good

that my demeanor is beautiful

I don’t believe them

but I’ll swim on

down the this stream

of sorrow